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Mosebacke, Stockholm's highest point, is known to be one of the most vibrant parts of Stockholm gathering artists, designers, musicians and the history holds many stories of great art, food and wine. The square on the hill and the houses surrounding it lodge several of Sweden's most prominent designers and art galleries flanked by unique restaurants and shops.

Now, all these creative forces have decided to come together and collaborate under the common project Mosebacke Design District. Mosebacke Design District offers a wide range of activities, including design, food & drinks and much more. Mosebacke Design District is organized by Mosebacke kulturförening.

Mosebacke Design District /


Hökens Gata 8

Acne JR is a Swedish toy brand with ambition to make traditional, iconic, toys in a modern way.

Atelier Alba

Högbergsgatan 32A

We are a Stockholm based practice working within the fields of architecture and interior design.

Bob Reklambyrå

Mosebacke Torg 6

Bob works with solutions for housing shortage, inclusion in society, sustainable urban development, increased cohesion, health, reliance and a belief in the future. We work to highlight people’s needs and to find sustainable solutions for today and the future.


Galleri skomakeriet

Högbergsgatan 24

Skomakeriet is a gallery for contemporary art. We showcase artists working in various fields, from painting and sculpture to digital art and photography.

Green laces

Hökens Gata 7

Climb up the hill and you will be rewarded. At Hökens Gata 7 you'll find Sweden's best range of sustainable footwear and accessories. Everything in this unique shop is made with the future in mind – all the products are vegan, fairtrade and most of it is organic. Mon–fri 12–18, Saturday 12–18.


Hökens Gata 4

Product design and interior architecture. Through design we create desirable everyday-items and innovative design concepts for everyone. We search to find the main idea and essence of a products soul and context.

JR Work shop

Hökens Gata 8

JR–Work–Shop is a Stockholm based creative studio and shop. The studio design and produce products and brands for various clients including the Swedish toy brand Acne JR.The shop offers objects and toys, interior and art. JR–Work–Shop focuses on sustainable craftsmanship and high quality materials.


Hökens gata 11

Gallery Konstart arrange exhibitions with contemporary Scandinavian artists within different art forms, main focus on graffiti and street art.


Mosebacke Torg 6

Maria Larkmans art is about love, passion and desire. Layer on layer she creates depth in the art. Lacollage® is a mixed technique between photo, painting and varnish on canvas. Exhibitions in Sweden and in Helsinki, Finland, Oslo Norway, Perth, Melbourne Australia, Stuttgart Germany and Miami US.

NOfo hotel & Wine bar

Tjärhovsgatan 11

NOFO Hotel reflects Söder's soul. The atmosphere is relaxed, vibrant and international. All our rooms are unique – just like our guests. Our restaurant, NOFO Wine Bar offers a menu that is dynamic and uncomplicated with dishes that can be shared. Welcome to NOFO. South’s home. @nofo_hotel_winebar

Omnipollos hatt

Hökens Gata 1A

Fluffy IPAs, confectionery stouts, rustic pilsners, fruit taps, magic taps, new school pizzas and feng shui. Instagram: omnipolloshatt


Hökens Gata 8

We believe that being Playful is the ultimate way of exploring and re-creating our habitat, a Playful mind unleashes the full power of creativity.


Östgötagatan 2

Ray Atelier is a creative agency based in Stockholm offering bespoke design solutions for all type of spatial design.

Instagram: @ray.atelier

Snickars Records

Hökens Gata 11

Snickars Records is a physical record shop and music label started 1995 by DJ Mika Snickars in Stockholm. We sell records online since 2005.


Hökens Gata 8

Swedish, handmade and organic chocolate bars that translates the feeling of geographical locations into a tasting experience through carefully chosen flavours and unique design.


Fiskargatan 8

Trapphuset is a unique space for art galleries, exhibitions, seminars, company events and private parties. In this industrial building we have turned a raw staircase into a cool space with a fantastic view over beautiful Stockholm.

Welcome to Trapphuset


Mosebacke Torg 9

Woodstockholm was founded in 2010 as a design agency and furniture manufacturer. Woodstockholm Bistro opened in 2015 and functions as a restaurant and showroom. Welcome to us for drinks & food and new design products! , Tue–Sat 5pm–midnight.
Mosebacke Design District /

We believe in art, design and culture has the power to change society for the better and we strive to make art, design and culture more available and engaging around Mosebacke district. Our supporters already know the positive impact of the various arts and like to have more of this around Mosebacke. They want others to feel this impact, too, by helping us to present regional activities so that people can get more art and culture as part of their lives.

By becoming member or part of Mosebacke culture fellowship family of supporters, you will be playing your part in a wider collaboration of players around Mosebacke to create and highlight local quality culture activities. About becoming a member (in swedish‭) ‬Become a member or supporter‭.‬ Mosebacke Design District is organized by Mosebacke kulturförening‭.‬

Mosebacke Design District /
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